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About 5S Cleaning Services

Our aim is to provide the best services possible.

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About us

In 2021, Jessica Santos Silva started up 5S Cleaning Services in Roxby Downs, SA. Initially, offering only house cleaning services for the community and soon 5S Cleaning Services became popular in the town for delivery of complete and efficient services.

As our business grew, 5S Cleaning Services started receiving more and more requests for commercial cleaning services. We soon realized that there was the opportunity to take the business to another level due to the demand for this type of service, and with our cleaning standards, we could help many businesses maintain a clean, safe and professional environment.

After carefully planning and strategizing, we decided to shift our focus to commercial cleaning. We invested in specialized equipment and cleaning supplies, and trained our staff to meet the specific needs of businesses.

Our dedication to providing exceptional service paid off, and our quickly 5S Cleaning Services is building an excellent reputation as commercial cleaning in Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam. We have worked with a variety of businesses, from small to large corporations and always made sure to tailor our services to each client´s unique needs .

Over time, we continued to grow and expand with the focus always above everything on Safety, Quality and Delivery. We are proud to have been helping many businesses maintain a clean and healthy environment, and we are looking forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.


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